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Metropolitan Police Total Policing


  07:12:00 pm by Admin, Categories: Security, Virus - Ransomware - Spyware

New version Metropolitan Police Total Policing is in the wild and many users fall into prey of this ransomware infection. 

What is Metropolitan Police Total Policing Ukash virus?

Metropolitan Police Total Policing message which blocks computer user's screen and asks to pay a fine of 100 Pounds to unlock one's PC is a scam. It's a ransomware infection which originates from a family of screen lockers called "Rannoh" - this particular ransomware infection is especially rogue because it not only locks user's computer but also it encrypts the files stored on user's hard disks. Notice that the message which states that such computer lock was applied because of downloading copyrighted videos, music files etc. is a scam and is used to scare computer users into paying a non-existent fine.

metropolitan police virus

Computer users should understand that Metropolitan Police Total Policing has nothing to do with this message, this ransomware infection was created by Cyber criminals who are hoping that unsuspecting PC users will fall for such trickery and will send them the fake fine.
This particular ransomware is targeted at computer users from UK, however these infections can come localised - PC users from different countries will see this message differently. Previous versions of this ransomware exploited the names of West Yorkshire Police, Gema and many other.
If you see such message on your computer you can be sure that your PC is infected with a ransomware - ignore the fake message and don't pay the fine.

Metropolitan Police Total Policing Virus is being distributed using drive-by downloads and Trojans.
Cyber criminals are exploiting the found security vulnerabilities in user's computer to infect them with their rogue screen lockers - to prevent such ransomware infiltrations one should keep your operating system and all of the installed software (Java, Flash, etc.) up-to-date.

You should also use legitimate antivirus and anti-spyware programs to protect your daily Internet surfing.

Notice that paying the fine of 100 Pounds using Ukash equals to sending your money to Cyber criminals.

To eliminate Metropolitan Police Total Policing scam from your PC give us a ring on 07889413011.



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