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Data Mining


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A special form of sniffing into “Big Data”, which we spoke about previously, is called “Data Mining”. The Term “Data Mining” is a lot older then “Big Data”. This is because the vast amounts of digital data out there, is a thing of the past couple or years. The reasons why the large amounts of stored data have increased is because the storage-media are becoming cheaper and cheaper. “Data Mining” is the analyzing of information stored and available in databases. If you own a Government ID, and most people have, then it’s easy for the Government to collect and portrait your personal information. Another use is, collecting specific information, from the millions of records (All personal information) in this ID-database, related to professions, salary or environments etc. Unfortunately you can’t object to this. The government is wise enough not to tell you if someone in your area entered similar ID-information. If they did they would breach the privacy laws and there are very strict rules regarding this. If we are talking about information in databases as the likes of Google, Facebook and even Twitter, then you can imagine the kind of interesting information that is collectable. Commercially this is interesting and valuable. ”Data Mining” is illegal from databases not owned by the owner. People, who are on LinkedIn, regularly receive messages about people with similar education or who have similar sympathizers. This is all OK, as long as you gave permission for this. Most people though, tick these boxes, without actually reading the small print, when signing up. Imagine all the different databases out there connected to each other and the Big Brother effect this would create. But isn’t this already happening?


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