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60% of Britisch Consumers Ignore Security-Updates


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More than 60% of British consumers do not install security updates on their computer when asked by there operating system, according to the results of a research by the British government. Only 37% of the surveyed consumers  install updates if an appropriate message appears.

In the case of smart phones and other mobile devices, only 21% of consumers take the appropriate action after an update notification. Furthermore, it appears that a minority (44%) always install security software on new equipment and only 30% have a habit of using, complex passwords for online accounts

In addition, 57% do not always check the security of a website before making a purchase.

Nevertheless, 94% of consumers believe that they are responsible for a safe Internet experience.

In order to make consumers and businesses more aware  the British government launched a new campaign called "Cyber Streetwise '.

Lyjoto Advises:

Always install Security software (Free version are better then none)Always install security updates when promptedAlways install OS updates when prompted

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