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20. Bios Setup


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We will need to access the BIOS now on your computer, and this is usually accomplished by pressing and holding down the 'delete' key after you turn on your computer. Depending on your BIOS type, the key or keys you enter may be different. Please consult your motherboard manual on how to access the BIOS if it is not the delete key.

You will also need to follow the instructions in your motherboard manual for changing the first boot up device, and you need to set the first boot device to be your DVD drive.

Why, you may ask, do we change the computer to boot from the DVD drive?

The newest versions of Windows are on media that is bootable, and will start the installation process themselves when you turn on the computer. When you have a hard drive with nothing on it, this is a quick and easy way to get your operating system installed.

We should not be too concerned with any of the other settings in the BIOS at this time. Later, after we have everything installed and working properly, we can come back to the BIOS to tweak some settings, but for now it is not necessary.


Let's get ready to install our operating system on the hard drive.

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